High total cholesterol is problematic only if it is high because of high LDL and low HDL. Indeed , LDL(Bad cholesterol) is a bona fide risk factor but only, as recent research demonstrates, when it is oxidized by free radicals. Nonetheless, the heart risk created by oxidized LDL cholesterol is no greater than that created by the risk factors you’ll read about triglycerides, elevated homocysteine, lipoprotein, C reactive protein, and others.

Cholesterol risk is overemphasized to the point where the other risk factors are too often ignored. Instead of looking at other risk factors, patients are being hustled into taking statin drugs, the darlings of the cholesterol drug industry. These drugs wont help you live any longer .None of the first eighty major studies of cholesterol lowering drugs demonstrated any significant extension of life span among patients using them. ( Another  recent study, one of the first done on statin drug, reported an alarming paradox: Although there were considerably fewer heart attacks among those taking the drug, those who did have heart attacks while taking the drug had three times the death rate of the control group).