Keto-SA is owned by Mr Phillip Hattingh and Mr Jeffrey Hattingh.

Mr Phillip Hattingh’s interest in health and diets was triggered at a young age. His mother had several overweight related complications and had an unbelievable desire to lose weight. She tried numerous diets but nothing ever worked for her. She lost her battle at the young age of 42, leaving behind 3 young children.

He always believed that if she followed a correct diet, she could have prolonged her life, and that is what inspired him to reach out and help people with similar problems.

In 1983 Mr Hattingh met Eddie Muir (Mr Scotland, Mr Universe and several times Mr SA) whom later became his mentor and teacher. He began training with him, soon to realise that this man’s diet was contrary to his and everyone in the training industry’s beliefs. He followed a low carbohydrate-high protein diet. In 1987 Mr Hattingh’s path crossed with well-known trainer and nutritionist Vince Gironda from America and he too followed the carbohydrate-controlled diet. Both men contributed to Mr Hattingh’s inspiration to begin personal training and help people with weight problems. The idea of developing a supplement based on a carbohydrate-controlled diet was conceived.

After extensive research, Mr Hattingh took his studies to Biochemist and Chemical Pathologist Chris Barnard at the University of the Free State, who revised and approved the formulations. Mr Hattingh established Keto-SA in 2004, which proudly boasts a variety of supplements aimed at weight loss and promoting and maintaining a healthy life style.

His son Jeffrey Hattingh has since joined him and they aim to educate people regarding the dangers of refined carbohydrates and sugar and the advantages of a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.

All Keto-SA products are specially formulated to be used with the Atkins, Dukan and the recently much talked about Tim Noakes Diet. The products are made with natural sweeteners and no artificial components are used.