After adhering strictly to the weight loss program for five days, cravings should be under control. Occasionally, women will experience cravings just before a menstrual period. The longer you continue on the program, the fewer cravings you should experience.
Skipping meals or going too long between meals may also cause cravings-one reason why eating regularly is important. Another possibility is that you may have a food allergy. People often crave the every food they should stay away from-milk products, peanuts, wheat, yeast and corn are common culprits.
Stress is another possible trigger for cravings. Blood sugar can become unstable when you’re under stress, which in turn leads to cravings. Excessive caffeine can also cause a hypoglycaemic response, or an unstable blood sugar, in some individuals, which can lead to cravings for sweets. Consuming fat can help you feel more satisfied, mitigating cravings. Keto-SA’s craving stopper will do the job if needed.