The word “diet” comes from the Latin diaeta and the Greek diaita, meaning “way of life” or “regimen.” Not something one does for two or three months and then stops but the way one eats always. That’s how I’d  like you to think of it, because that s the only way you’ll succeed at weight loss. Most people eat a typical modern diet. Forty percent of them end up overweight. Why?

The foods we eat are divided into three basic categories- carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Proteins are found in their largest concentrations in animal foods such as meat, fish, fowl, eggs, and cheese. They are also found in vegetables, foods such as nuts and seeds, and in high-protein legumes such as beans. Fat comes in many varieties but exists in almost all animal foods and in many vegetables. Carbohydrates exist in all vegetables, fruits, starches and grains and in its purest form, in refined sugar.

If you‘ve  been fat for very long, it’s almost certain you have a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. That’s what the vast majority of studies have consistently shown. This means that the sugars, the refind carbohydrates, the junk foods that are such a whopping proportion of the modern diet are slow poison to you. Those foods are bad for your health, bad for you energy level, bad for your mental state, bad for your figure. Bad for your career prospects, bad for your sex life, bad for your digestion, bad for your blood  chemistry, bad for your heart. That means they’re bad. Most of the overweight people in the world are carbohydrate sensitive-often they’re true carbohydrate addicts.They need a metabolic solution, not a low-fat one. They’ve struggled and struggled with low-calorie/ low-fat diets and consistently failed. The answer to the question is a  carbohydrate control diet or ketogenic diet. (keto-sa diet)