You need a combination of aerobic exercise, for its cardiovascular benefits, and weight- bearing exercise, to protect your bones and strengthen your muscles as you age. For this reason, it is particularly important that women establish a regular exercise program.
Check with your doctor before embarking on a new exercise routine. Then, start with any aerobic exercise at any level you can sustain. (If you are overweight, don’t start off running; it places too much stress on your body.) If you’re out of shape and very heavy, you may start with only 10 minutes of exercise a day. Such as fast walking and riding a stationary bike. Just make sure to engage in that 10 minute regimen each day. The body can usually handle a 10 percent increase in workload per week. The most recent report on Physical Activity and Health recommends at least 60 minutes each day of moderately- intense physical activity to prevent weight gain and reap the full health benefits of activity. Eventually, you should be exercising for one hour a day.