Today’s  tunnel vision fingering cholesterol as the sole cause of heart disease could mean that your doctor probably hasn’t paid much attention to your triglyceride level, unless its abnormally high. You could pay for your doctors  ignorance with your life. Long ignored, high triglycerides have been convincingly shown to be an independent risk factor for heart disease. The higher your triglycerides, the greater your chance of a heart  attack. If you ‘re a woman, having high triglycerides is a particularly good predictor of heart disease. In other words, having high triglycerides is every bit as much of a risk factor for heart disease as is obesity, smoking, or high blood pressure.

WHAT MAKES TRIGLYCERIDES SO DANGEROUS? In large amounts, they thicken your blood and keep it from flowing easily though your blood vessels. When blood that should be watery turns sludgy from too many triglycerides, it clogs your blood vessels and forms clots. The result is often a blockage in the arteries feeding your heart in short, you have a heart attack. Most doctors believe the misinformation they were taught in medical school that triglyceride levels of 250 to 500 mg/dl are perfectly normal. They re wrong, and their ignorance could kill you. Even 200 mg/dl is too high. As a matter of fact, you need to worry about your heart health when your triglycerides are anything above 100 mg/ dl. If your level is above 100mg/dl, you have twice the risk of suffering a fatal attack as someone whose level is in the 50 to 60 mg/dl range.