Perhaps most detrimental of all is the practice of refining our food.  In this process, the whole food is separated into component parts, thereby discarding some of its nutrient-rich components.  Refining is or most threatening food process because more of us are its victims.  The percentage of our diet that comes from refined foods is at al all time high, and by an ever increasing margin.  Foods that nourish the animal kingdom share a remarkable characteristic:  They all contain the vitamins, minerals and accessory factors necessary for the one who eats them to metabolize and utilize them fully. Nature does not require us to forage for a second food in order to extract the nutritional value from the first food.  In other words, partitioning food and discarding the nutrition shortage, forcing you to take in other foods to get those nutrients, thereby draining your reserves of those nutrients.  In that way, the refining process turns foods into anti-nutrients into foods that not only do not nourish us, but rob us further of the nutrients we need to remain healthy.  The first documented example of the harm wrought by refining is in the polishing of rice.  Historically the highly nutritious rice husks (or polishing) were discarded in making white rice, the nutritional staple of so many Oriental cultures.  A plethora of white rice – only diets produced an epidemic of beribem that could be dramatically cured by a small quantity of rice polishing.  Thus the negative effects of refining nutrients out of foods was established and has proven just how essential those nutrients are.