The metabolic syndrome and prediabetes are essentially interchangeable. Both are precursors to full- blown diabetes. Only about 13% of people who go on to develop diabetes don’t meet the formal definition of the metabolic syndrome. There is a definite link between gaining fat, insulin resistance, and the ultimate development of diabetes and heart disease If you don’t have high blood sugar, the other criteria for the metabolic syndrome still put you at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. When you consider that the elevated triglycerides and low HDL that are part of the metabolic syndrome are a result of abnormal insulin/ glucose metabolism, the link is clear .These warning signs are all interwined and interdependent, and when you combine a few of them, the resulting scenario is like a ticking bomb.

The two main lifestyle factors that cause the metabolic syndrome are exactly the same as those that can lead to diabetes: a high –carb diet combined with physical inactivity. But just as lifestyle plays the most important role in causing the metabolic syndrome, lifestyle can play the most important role in preventing or reversing it.