The quint essential anti nutrient is sugar.  It is 100 percent carbohydrate and therefore contains no vitamins or minerals.  Nevertheless it needs to be metabolized instantly.  The stones of all the many nutrients involved in processing its constituent sugars, glucose and fructose into ready energy are depleted in this process.  As a result, these nutrients must be supplied from other dietary sources.
Corn syrup, the simple sugar most rapidly increasing in usage, poses the same problem.  To site just one example, the critical glucose-metabolizing mineral chromium is severely depleted by consuming either sweetener.  Flour is a close second to sugar and corn syrup –threatening effects.  However its negative effects are more significant because its consumption is being encouraged by the U.S government.  The American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Dietetic Association (ADA) have endorsed a new food pyramid that is based on grains and recommends six to eleven servings every day. IF IT IS FROM AMERICA IT IS THE TRUTH – WHAT A JOKE. While unmilled whole grains are indeed a significant source of essential minerals and other micro-nutrients, the milling process removes some 70-90 percent of these nutrients, leading to the same anti-nutrient effect ascribed to sugar.  “Enriching” the grains by adding an incomplete smattering of synthetic B vitamins and inorganic iron does little to change the results.  The vital minerals selenium, magnesium, Zinc, manganese and copper are not replaced, nor are key nutrients like fatty acids and B6.  Yet the perpetrators of the food pyramid make no effort whatsoever to distinguish between whole grains and white flour, even though all nutritionists on the advisory panels are totally aware of the enormous nutritional depletion involved in the refining process.  Worst of all, we are now consuming carbohydrates like pasta, cereal, bread and crackers more than ever before, mistakenly believing we are making a healthy choice.