Carbohydrate poisoning is the cause of diseases that kills the most in the time that we live in today. What is the cause of that? Mainly sugar, in many cases, virtually a sugar addiction.

As Dr.John Yudkin points out: “we consume more sugar now in two weeks than we did in a year two hundred years ago. For decades we have been brainwashed by advertisers to start the day with processed cereals and to fill up the hours afterward with soft drinks that contain no real nutritional value, only carbohydrates.

Our ancestors lived mainly on a diet consisting of meats, since that is what our bodies are made to handle and function on best.
Once man learned to till the soil, the quantity of carbohydrates consumed increased daily, but they were not artificially concentrated by a milling or refining process which is the way most carbohydrate foods are processed today.

Over the last hundred and twenty years a drastic change occurred in the type/quality of foods and drinks consumed by people, consisting predominantly of a diet of refined carbohydrates.

The “heart” symbol appears on all sorts of food products supposedly clamming that it is healthy but which are in fact worthless to the body for example breakfast cereals: being refined and processed to adapt a certain form, it consists of up to 50% of sugar, having mostly less than 3g of fat per serving.

The Heart Association’s unmistakable message: “avoid fats and nothing else matters”.
In the early 1890’s the craze for cola beverages was born, which means that when we were thirsty, instead of drinking water, we got sugar as well. To make matters worse was the development of the mills that could refine wheat into white nutritionally barren flour, all in the same decade. Even worse was the combination of the flour with sweetness and saltiness to make snacks and junk food under the logo of “fast foods” to adapt to the quickened lifestyle. The net result: sugar intake which had an average intake of 5kgs a year in 1828 increased to ten times that amount in 1928. Surgeon Captain T.L. Cleave who wrote the classic study: “the saccharine disease”, argued convincingly that increases in coronary artery disease could be traced to increases in refined carbohydrate intake.

He noted that diabetes, gall-bladder disease and heart diseases – to name a few – were all virtually non-existent in primitive cultures until refined carbohydrates were introduced into the culture with no exceptions. The process took twenty years to develop and so Captain Cleave proposed the Rule of twenty years – the duration it took for diabetes and heart disease to appear in that culture after sugar and refined carbohydrates were introduced to them.

Heart attacks were so rare at the beginning of the twentieth century that the first incident was not noted until 1912. In 1930, heart attacks caused more than three thousand deaths in the United States.

As I said before, the junk food and cola industry was born in the early 1890’s and the first heart attack noted in 1912. This does not seem like pure coincidence to me. According to Captain Cleaves’ rule of twenty years the modern degenerative disease arrived on schedule in cultures exposed to refined carbohydrates and increase in sugar. In over 90% of cultures there are a correlation between fat intake and sugar intake. To choose between the two theories, we must have a look at the exceptions: the first we notice is that in two primitive cultures, the Eskimos and the Mosai a high fat diet correlates not with heart disease, but with virtually the absence of heart disease. In Iceland heart disease as well as diabetes were almost unheard off until the 1930’s although the Icelanders ate a high fat diet. In the early 1920’s refined carbohydrates and sugar arrived in the Icelandic diet and again the Cleaves’s rule of twenty years roved to be true.Finally in Yugoslavia and Poland the development of heart diseases’ rates in the middle of the twentieth century where concomitant with a quadrupling of the sugar intake and correlated despite a fall in animal fat intake. Towards the end of the Second World War a prominent American nutritionalist and mentor for a large number of nutritionalists, Dr. Ancel Keys, also the father of the cholesterol scare turned his attention to a review of diet and health around the world. The results of his “Seven Countries” study revealed that in the early 1950’s it supposedly showed that people in countries where the typical diet was high in saturated fat had higher rates of heart disease. In the same period the dean of the British nutritionalists, Dr. John Yudkin looked at the same statistics and found an almost identical correlation with sugar intake.

Keys’ reputation and influence were so great that based on his study, the medical establishment immediately embraced his conclusions and replaced butter, eggs and beef with corn oil, margarine and cereal and by 1956 the campaign was in full swing.
With billions of dollars invested in processed corn, vegetable oils and wheat through the agribusiness and with the support of the government, it was impossible to oppose the establishment of refined carbohydrates and it’s health risks and so billions of people were influenced and brainwashed with “healthy-fast-foods” and that fat and eggs were bad for you. It is unfortunate that people do not realize how they are influenced in the wrong and how they poison themselves everyday with apparently healthy foods.