Food production plays a key role in depriving our bodies of important nutrients.  Our soil is routinely depleted by agricultural practice of using inorganic compost.  This practice, introduced over 160 years ago, decrease the nutritional value of plant life growth in that soil weakens the plant’s immune systems by depriving them of the nutrients they need to remain strong.  This, in return, makes them susceptible to destruction by aphids and other pests, cheating crops that may not be able to survive without being sprayed with cancer-causing and soil-depleting pesticides.  These pesticides have been implicated in causing neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer.  Further, several essential elements are depleted from many soils by over farming, acid rain on the many geological forces that dictate soil mineral content.  Iodine-deficient soils lead to gaiter epidemics, Zinc-deficient soils lead to stricted growth and poor immune function and most important, selenium-deficient soil lead to premature aging. We bake it, boil it, microwave it, and reheat the leftovers.  It has been estimated 80-95 percent of the micronutrients originally found in food are lost before we finally eat it.